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33. Ravi Divakaran   (2014-10-29 8:19 AM)
Thank you, Maya.

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32. maya m nair   (2014-10-11 6:59 PM) E-mail
sir, Thankyou for creating this site, really it is a informative site and useful site for us. biggrin

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31. Sanu Jacob   (2013-07-29 2:26 PM)
What a website Sirji! It is very innovative and informative to the pursuers of Chemistry.

SJ smile

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30. Ravi Divakaran [ravidivakaran]   (2013-02-21 9:01 AM)
Thanks, Mrs. Nisha Nishad. It is always a great pleasure to have students like you. By the way, what a combination of names, Nisha and Nishad! How did you manage it?

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29. Mrs.Nisha Nishad   (2012-12-22 3:22 PM) E-mail
Hello sir,
Nice to see this site. I have just attended two classes of you, for the UGC NET coaching in 2011 at St.Alberts. Your class was really interesting, and infact among all the classes i attended i still remember whatever u said may be u taught the things relating them to our daily life..and giving examples...As there is a quote by great scientist Albert Einstein “Example isn't another way to teach, it is the only way to teach” and i remember u took our ids to send us the notes..on name reactions..Although i couldn't clear the NET, which still remains as my unfulfilled dream..anyway,thanks for ur help sir...Thanks for ur efforts and hope some of ur topics will be useful for a school teacher like me.
Mrs.Nisha, ISAS,Muscat.

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28. Nima Venugopal   (2012-12-20 8:48 AM) E-mail
Dear Sir,

Excellent effort .keep on updating with new ideas.

thanking u

nima. cool

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27. Ravi Divakaran [ravidivakaran]   (2011-12-22 8:46 PM)
Dear Sumesh,
Thank you for visiting my site. In fact, I used to post several advertisements for teaching positions, JRF etc on my site, but nobody ever visited them or used them. These were probably there till just before your visit, but I removed them since they were taking up a lot of space and nobody used them.

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26. sumesh   (2011-12-09 11:37 AM) E-mail
hi sir, how r u, ur site is very informative and interesting for us.
It would be very useful for a school student if u add something about the career opportunity for a chemistry/science graduates/post graduates.

expecting the "unexpected !!!!!!!!" sumesh

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25. Ravi Divakaran   (2011-10-12 6:38 PM)
Thank you, Xplosiveideas! Keep visiting.

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24. XplosivEiDeas 24x7   (2011-09-08 10:19 PM)
"kakookah" is enough to remind all, it was my luck to be your student sir.

thx & reg's


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23. XplosivEiDeas 24x7   (2011-09-08 10:05 PM)
This Blog is very Comprehensive !!!!!!!!!! cool smile

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22. Ravi Divakaran   (2011-08-21 10:29 AM)
Thank you Sreeja.

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21. Dr.Sreeja Subhash   (2011-08-17 9:21 PM)
Excellent effort Sir! Congrats! Keep going

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20. Vijay John   (2011-07-09 8:34 PM) E-mail
Great effort of a Great Teacher to percolate knowledge through the generations!!

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19. Ravi Divakaran   (2011-01-18 7:43 PM)
Thank you, Karthik.

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