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Video demonstrations 2

In this very interesting and informative video, you can see the pale blue color of liquid oxygen taken in a beaker. It also illustrates the "rekindling of a burning splinter" test for oxygen, and  demonstrates the paramagnetism of oxygen molecules (which can be explained only by the molecular orbital theory) by actually attracting a sample of oxygen towards a magnet. Wow! Switch on the speakers, please!

Oxygen - 2 : This is another interesting video, which shows a splinter burning vigorously in (yes, very very cold!) liquid oxygen! It also shows you how to prepare some liquid oxygen in the lab very fast! Switch on the speakers, please!

Oxygen - 3 and Oxygen - 4 : Yet other interesting videos demonstrating the paramagnetism of oxygen! Switch on the speakers, please!

Reaction of carbon disulfide with nitrous oxide (the famous "laughing gas") produces nitrogen, carbon dioxide and sulfur. When this reaction is carried out in a long narrow tube, the gases gush out producing a "woof" sound. Therefore this is known as the "barking dog" experiment. Watch this interesting experiment in this video, along with some other properties of sulfur. Switch on the speakers, please!

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