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Lecture Notes 3

Notes on some selected topics for B.Sc. and M.Sc. Chemistry students of M.G.University and other Universities in Kerala.

[All files are in the pdf format. You require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them]

Coordination Chemistry - 1:

Polydentate ligands, Chelate effect, Macrocyclic effect, Template effect, Crown ethers, Cryptands, Phase-transfer catalysis. Bite, Bite angle, Sepulchrates, Catenands, Picket-fence complexes.

Coordination Chemistry - 2:

Sigma and Pi-bonding ligands, concept of isolobality, EAN rule, denticity and hapticity, organometallic compounds, ferrocene, arene complexes.

Coordination Chemistry - 3:

Structure, preparation and properties of mono- and poly-nuclear metal carbonyls, metal clusters, HNCC, LNCC, linear and bent nitrosyl complexes, cyano complexes, carbene and carbyne complexes, metal-metal quadruple  bond in [Re2Cl8]2–.

Data Analysis:

Presentation of analytical data, Errors in analysis, relative and absolute errors, systematic and random errors, accuracy and precision, significant digits, statistical evaluation of data, the Gaussian curve or the normal distribution curve, standard deviation, variance, coefficient of variation (CV) or relative standard deviation (RSD),  Confidence limits, Scatter diagrams, Correlation coefficient, comparison of data, the t-test, f-test and c2-test, Control charts.

Ester hydrolysis:

Mechanisms of ester hydrolysis, acyl cleavage, alkyl cleavage, the Ingold AAC1, AAC2, AAL1, AAL2, BAC1, BAC2, BAL1 and BALmechanisms.

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