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Aim of Life

What is knowledge?

I think knowledge is the sum total of our experiences. Each person on earth goes through different and varied experiences throughout life. No two people are alike. They think differently, feel differently. No two people are on the same spot on the earth. They may be in different states, different countries, experiencing widely different climates, weather conditions, traveling by different modes of transport to ever so many different places, doing different things … Therefore their experiences are totally different. Some have climbed the Everest and looked at the world from high up, experiencing extreme cold and blizzards. Some have dived deep under the sea and looked at the world from underneath, seen marine organisms no one else has, and experienced extreme pressures. Some have gone to the moon. Some have crossed the Sahara and experienced immense thirst and heat. Some have gone deep into the Amazonian forests for the adventure while others have inadvertently fallen into the depth of it from crashed planes and encountered unbearable suffering. Some are very rich and have experienced all the comforts that wealth can bring, while others were poor sufferers throughout their life. Some spend their lives studying snakes or crocodiles while others spend their lives studying distant stars and galaxies… Luckily, human beings have languages and can communicate extensively. They have written down or recorded all their experiences, told stories to friends and relatives and to the next generation, sharing and passing on their experiences to posterity. The knowledge amassed by mankind is the sum total of all the past experiences of human beings.

People are born, they live, and then die. Generations come and go. But the knowledge (experiences) amassed by each generation is passed on to the next generation. The total knowledge gained by humankind goes on increasing and "lives" for ever. So the sole purpose of human life is to gain new experiences and extend knowledge.

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